PT MOL Blue Ocean Indonesia

PT MOL Blue Ocean Indonesia, a subsidiary company of MOL Group has been announced on March 1, on the coast of Bali, Indonesia, it unveiled a marine debris collection ship and conducted demonstration of a coastal debris collection device.

Bali, Indonesia, has a diverse and rich natural environment, the problem of marine debris is becoming more serious in addition to the increase in litter caused by rapid urbanization and population growth.
Starting with a demonstration of marine debris collection in Bali, Indonesia-an island nation like Japan-MOL aims to commercialize the technology.


This projects has been certified as a 50th anniversary project of Japan-ASEAN friendship and cooperation.


The marine debris collection ship and coastal debris collection device both feature conveyor belts that collect debris from the water and along the shore.


MOL Group has positioned marine environmental conservation as a key issue and is also involved in marine conservation activities through coastal cleanups. The group will face the challenge of solving environmental issues with a concerted effort of the Group, and contribute to the sustainable development of people, society, and the Earth, and open a prosperous future from the blue oceans.

Marine Debris Collection Ship
Debris collection device (right) with tractor